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A Lesson from Dr. Seuss

on January 17, 2012

 I have a tendency to over-write, so I found a poem by Dr. Seuss to remind me to keep things simple:

“So the writer who breeds

More words than he needs

Is making a chore

For the reader who reads.”

Brilliant, huh!

In my case, it’s true. If a writer does not engage me in the first 50 to 100 pages, I toss the book aside, and voila! I never go back again. I won’t even give that author another chance. Is that unfair of me?

I see it this way: my time is limited, and I just can’t waste it wading through a lot of gibberish.

I try to keep this in mind when I’m working on my own writing.

Get into the story early, get out early. Stick to the story and don’t meander all over the place and repeat yourself umpteen times.

Don’t get blinded by your own brilliance! If I have to keep a dictionary handy in order to read your book, I guarantee that I won’t be reading it.

Readers expect a lot from their authors.

Don’t aim to disappoint.

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