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on May 18, 2012

I’m so happy to have my poem published on Danse Macabre!

DM du Jour

Time passes and then we’re gone
A lump of clay once laughing, laughing no more
Discarded to the open grave to feed a hungry earth
A useless, lifeless thing
Long-forgotten in the changing years
But a simple name inscribed on stone
Unrecognized in the awful pile
Of crumbling clay and moldy dust.
“And where is the sun to warm my aching bones
And the moon to flame my lover’s ardor?
Where is the wind breathing in my ear
And the life-giving drops of rain?”
Eyes close and tender hearts stop beating.
So still, so still the cold black earth (a silent void)
Without the living sounds of hot-blooded life.
Stars fade with life’s end
The coffin lid drops with solemn finality
And Death remains, cold and intractable,
Yielding not a single ray of light.
Lost to darkness, unseeing, unfeeling wreck
Of human flesh, groping in the dark
For solidness and…

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