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The oak chest and the bride who rushed to her death

on June 11, 2013

Everybody loves a good ghost story! Click on photo to read the story.

freaky folk tales

The Mistletoe Bride

“Within lay the body of his lost bride, now a fleshless skeleton, wearing the beautiful wedding robes in which he had last seen her. The wedding dress was yellow and stained with age and corruption. Her fleshless hand was raised in a pathetic attitude as it trying to open the door of her tomb.”

Read the whole story: http://freakyfolktales.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/how-a-new-york-society-girl-came-to-inherit-the-ghost-of-an-english-bride/

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3 responses to “The oak chest and the bride who rushed to her death

  1. rhettbigler says:

    I love the intro, it’s well written with good detail and it draws me in — I want to read more. One little editorial piece, I suspect you wanted to say “If” instead of “it” in the last line.


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