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Holiday Wellness

on December 14, 2021

The holidays can represent the most joyous and spiritual time of the year. They can also be the most stressful and unhappy. How can we enjoy the holidays and maintain our balance?

We all have our own expectations of what the holidays should bring. And as that special day draws closer, the excitement builds. So does the stress. Did we buy enough presents? Did we spend enough money? Are the presents we bought good enough? How will we ever get them all wrapped, the cards mailed out, and the decorations put up?

It all seems very overwhelming. But maybe, in truth, we are doing too much. Is it really necessary to spend all our savings on presents? Is it really prudent to run up the credit cards and spend the rest of the year paying them off? The long-term consequences of our holiday actions can be just as stressful as the holiday itself. Sometimes it is better if everyone agrees to celebrate Christmas in a more spiritual way and to forego the abundance of gifts. This can be very liberating for everyone involved, for everyone feels the economic pressure at Christmas.

This year, try to keep things simple. Spend less, do less, and share more of the responsibility with others.
Decorating the Christmas tree, putting up lights, and decorating the house are family events which should provide the opportunity to share special moments with one another. It should be fun — not an annual chore.

Writing out Christmas cards can be done in quiet moments when the kids are asleep. Sometimes, this is the only communication we have with distant friends and relatives.

Show gratitude for blessings received during the year by donating to charity. Ask other people to make a donation to charity instead of buying a gift. In this way, the gift benefits more people.
Simplify expectations. Don’t expect everything to be perfect or to run smoothly. Don’t expect to receive the most expensive gifts or the greatest number of gifts. Don’t expect anything at all. Go with the flow. Find inner peace rather than outer chaos.

Seek to serve others during the holiday season. Concentrate on family bonding and growing closer to God. Enjoy the peace of Christmas and extend it to others by offering tolerance and forgiveness.
Christmas can be a dreaded stressful event or a wonderful opportunity to bring peace into your life. Simplify. Relax. Enjoy the spirit of the holiday. 


Dawn Pisturino, RN
November 2006; December 14, 2021

Published in The Bullhead City Bee, December 22, 2006. 

Published on Selfgrowth.com, December 4, 2011.

Copyright 2006-2021 Dawn Pisturino. All Rights Reserved.


20 responses to “Holiday Wellness

  1. Neal Saye says:

    I love your sage advice, Dawn: “Find inner peace rather than outer chaos.” Also some years back Robert and I stopped buying each other Christmas gifts, other than silly little stocking stuffers. I love the lack of “gift pressure.”

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    • We send money to the kids, but otherwise, we only gift each other and our daughter and her boyfriend. It gets to be a competition. Christmas is supposed to be a spiritual season, not a material one. Thanks, Neal! I really enjoy your State Park posts.

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  2. Oh my goodness Dawn, may this message continue to resonate amongst the masses. 🙏🏼 I agree with you noting the stress all of the hoopla of preparing for one day in the year brings, while forgetting what this day truly represents. Looking back over the years, some of our family stepped away from the “one-day wonder gifts” and having to decide where to put all of that stuff that will probably still have tags on it the following year! 🤔🙄😜

    Throughout the year, we give each other gifts, and not for a particular event or occasion only. 🎁 As we approach Christmas 🎄 this year, many of the people we typically purchase a gift for are no longer with us. 😥 I would rather have them here instead of the undue stress this holiday season brings with a hoard of gifts. Besides, I never quite understood the gist of fighting in stores over an item. 🥊 We can be vicious and selfish creatures sometimes, especially during a time our celebration shouldn’t be about “things.”

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    • Amen, Kym! I’d rather have my brother and parents here with me (they’re dead) than presents. But, we’ll be thinking about them. And I never did get the Black Friday thing and fighting over merchandise. Definitely not worth it. Thank you for visiting and offering your kind thoughts. Have a great evening!

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  3. Good words to live by! Hopefully you and yours have a good Yule and a merry Christmas! As it goes.

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  4. Harshi says:

    Merry Christmas! Let your heart go Hohoho

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  5. Jeff Flesch says:

    A wonderful post, Dawn! I love the message. There’s is always something about keeping things simple. Important.

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  6. I cannot agree more, and I have nothing to add, wish you a sensible Christmas.

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  7. incenseandevergreen says:

    I agree don’t expect anything at all. I think this time is about giving not receiving. I definitely, think more stuff isn’t the answer. I love going places and doing service. I’d rather go somewhere and spend money to get there in gas making a memory than unwrap something I don’t need. Great post!

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  8. […] Holiday Wellness — Dawn Pisturino’s Blog […]

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  9. GHLearner says:

    I totally agree, that’s the way to do it.
    We frequently talk to a neighbour who drives an expensive car, buys expensive clothes and constantly complains about a lack of money. When we asked him why he doesn’t downsize, he explains that it is a thing of status. How would he look in the eyes of his wealthy (appearing) friends and relatives if he drove a small car and didn’t join their competition of being ‘successful’? It takes a lot of courage to not care what others think.
    I wish you relaxed and joyful days ahead.

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    • Thank you, and I wish you the same! When I lived in California, I met all too many people like this. They have all the toys, but inside they’re miserable, and usually deep in debt. But, as long as they LOOK like one of the beautiful people, that’s okay! CA is an illusion. It’s the Hollywood influence.

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