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I. A World in Anguish – a Poem

on March 7, 2022
(Photo from Pixabay)

A World in Anguish

by Dawn Pisturino

A world in anguish

Is a world at war,

Suffering the throes of poverty,

Living in fear,

Desperate for freedom

From unfeeling despots;

One man kills another

And crowds cheer for more:

A bloody holocaust screams

The victory cry.

Women weep for children

Dying in the womb,

And fathers beat

Their screaming brats in rage,

Placating the demon-gods.

The dark-faced villain

In the streets

Pushes his deadly wares

To the wayward and unsuspecting,

Supplies the knowing,

And murders the human spirit.

The Godly are intimidated

By the unholy-ungodly

And cry out in vain for vengeance.

God does not hear

Or does not want to.

“Let them fight their own battles,”

He must say; and looks down

In amusement at the skirmish of ants

Crawling in the streets.

It is not a funny sight, no,

But a sorry commentary

On the uselessness of the human species.

God Himself must weep

At the awful destruction wrought

By pitiful creatures.

It is not worth His powerful strength

To save them or His loving heart

To love them or His abounding mercy

To forgive them.

Let those who will survive, survive.

Death to the others.

The battle is just begun.

Dawn Pisturino

September 20, 1985; March 7, 2022

Copyright 1985-2022 Dawn Pisturino. All Rights Reserved.

21 responses to “I. A World in Anguish – a Poem

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Wonderful poem, Dawn.

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  2. Omg yes!! You said it Dawn… powerfully, viscerally.., I have not yet been able to find the words.

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  3. Americaoncoffee says:

    I do not like war and evil in any way. I am thankful that we are at a special place in time. A biblical fulfillment is occupying.

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  4. Actions have consequences. When you think about it, such times have occurred in the past, just with different characters. Some leaders are pushing the envelope with such extremism that has us dizzy with confusion. I am still an optimist because I truly believe good will overpower evil, but the good can’t remain complacent or complicit. Yet, as you mentioned in your poem:

    The Godly are intimidated
    By the unholy-ungodly
    And cry out in vain for vengeance.

    Like those Ukrainians who refused to be intimidated and choose to fight even if it costs them their lives, so must we. It’s heartbreaking and can leave us numb. Years ago, I remember someone saying in church, “The Devil is Busy.” Then I asked the question, “Then why isn’t God’s people busier?” They probably wanted to punch my lights out for asking that, but I was trying to find the logic in the illogical, and you can’t. 🤔 I appreciate your post and it is definitely food for thought! Thank you Dawn! 😊💐🙏🏽

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    • And, you are absolutely right, Kym! If people are not willing to lay down their lives for what is right, wrong will prevail. Ukraine is an important lesson for the whole world, and I hope people are paying attention. America is a wealthy and free country, and many people do not appreciate it. Do we have to lose her before we appreciate what we have (had)? Jesus Himself gave His life to ensure that love and goodness prevailed. My feeling is that God will continue to challenge us until we get it right, just like He challenged people throughout the Bible and has done so throughout history. Have a blessed day, dear Kym!

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      • AMEN Dawn! 🙏🏽 I completely agree. You continue to stay encouraged and continue to let your light shine my dear! Light always wins over darkness even though it sometimes feel like darkness is shutting everything down! 🤗🦋🥰

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  5. utahan15 says:

    wrong place wrong time
    get out if you can
    woman and man
    suffer the fools
    who support total authorities
    we all together know too much
    and as such
    feel overwhelmed
    free to be you or me
    tho thankfully!

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  6. Nancy says:

    Powerful poem, Dawn.

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  7. I also think there’s something to the general doomsday mood.

    It’s not just about the here and now, it’s about our future, our personal destiny.

    We have diseases for which we cannot find a cure, we have fundamentalist countries that want to destroy us. We have nuclear powers over which we no longer have any control.

    Even if we overcome these challenges, we still face further catastrophes.

    Global warming will melt the polar ice caps and flood 90% of all habitable land within the next 80 years. The population explosion will lead to worldwide famines and wars in 50 years.

    This is fact, not speculation, so I think we have every reason to worry.

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    • Unfortunately, these doomsday scenarios never turn out well for everyone. Death and destruction run rampant, with people turning on each other in the most horrible ways. And, sometimes, these predictions are self-fulfilled prophecies. Are humans just tired and overwhelmed by modern society and all of its stresses?

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  8. kvbclarke says:

    Painful truth…

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  9. Harshi says:

    A poem full of anguish and beautifully penned!

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