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Eleven-Word Story

on March 24, 2022
(Photo from Raiders of the Lost Ark,1981)

An eleven-word story that I wrote for an Underneath the Juniper Tree Writing Challenge, August 10, 2011:

“Hideously white and deformed, the face at the window slowly decomposed.”

Dawn Pisturino

March 24, 2022

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18 responses to “Eleven-Word Story

  1. jgibson4thwall says:

    Impressive imagery considering the word limit, the picture definitely helps but I’d honestly probably imagine the exact same thing without it. Good job!

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  2. Timothy Price says:

    A prime example of a very short story.

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  3. OMG A+!!!! 🙂

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  4. Whoa, that eleven-worder fits that image perfectly! Talk about a Nightmare on Elm Street!!! LOL 😱😬😧

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  5. Jim W. says:

    That face 😳😳😳 scary…I think it’s a demon Nazi?

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  6. oh wow.. descriptive but I had to scroll that picture fast itr was ssooo disturbing., yikes !

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  7. You should win something for that one.

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  8. balladeer says:

    Pretty gruesome!

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