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Support Your Local library

on January 6, 2023

A few months ago, I suddenly realized that I had not been to the local library since before the pandemic, so I dusted off my old library card and made a point of visiting. During the lockdown, the county remodeled the whole facility and expanded the number of books available. They did a fantastic job! I was very impressed with the results and enjoyed browsing the shelves for a few good mystery books — and it didn’t cost me a dime.

When digital publishing became popular, people predicted the demise of public libraries. While bookstores in general have been profoundly affected, local libraries seem to have thrived. And, thank goodness for that! Libraries offer so much more than just checking out books.

I still remember Mrs. Brown from my childhood days, the chubby little librarian with stern eyes and short grey hair, who presided over our tiny branch of the county library. We lived out in the country then, and I used to ride my bike several miles to check out books. Whenever I chose something she didn’t approve of (I was an advanced reader and liked to check out the latest New York Times best-sellers), she would ask me: “Did your parents give you permission to read that?” Now, my parents didn’t care what I read, but I always told her “yes,” and that was the end of the conversation. I still remember her looking at me with grave doubts when I checked out The Collector by John Fowles (which is still a good book and a great movie, by the way).

One of the most famous scenes from musical theater is “Marian the Librarian” from The Music Man – a musical that will put you into a joyous and inspired mood like nothing else. The movie (1962), starring Shirley Jones, is delightful!

Have a great day!

Dawn Pisturino

January 6, 2023

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35 responses to “Support Your Local library

  1. philsblog01 says:

    Libraries one of the great accomplishments of civilization! I am so lucy, my library in Cornwall NY has a great used book store!

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  2. love this Dawn. Libraries are such gifts to the senses!

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  3. Meelosmom says:

    Your post brings back memories of how much I have loved going to libraries since I was a child. In college, I had a work study job in the college library. I’ve even used bookmobiles. When I order used books on Better World Books, I choose former library books.

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    • I’ve always thought that working in a library would be just lovely!

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      • Meelosmom says:

        Best job ever! I liked shelving books. Also, each summer we got periodicals ready for binding. This was way back when we had those tedious ways to do research. Going through drawers of index cards, etc., to find what you needed. Now we can search for books at our local library online, and there are even APPS. We can browse at home, put a hold on a book, download ebooks, watch movies, etc. it’s all so different now.

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  4. Myheartscry says:

    We rarely go to the library, but when I do, I always think, why don’t we do this more often.

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  5. Belladonna says:

    The library is my favorite place to work. It’s quiet, smells good and zero temptation to buy snacks while I work.

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  6. Oh my goodness Dawn, you hit the spot with me. Over the years I have been advocating for the library. During the pandemic I was using the digital library to check out audiobooks. Before the pandemic I would always buy the books they were decommissioning out of the library’s stock. For 50 cents or a dollar at the most, I am still going through reading these books from 2 years ago. 📕📚📗 Thanks so much for reminding us about the power of our public libraries!

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  7. utahan15 says:

    in slc we got manuela from southern italy. ms jenny hot and cold. ms tanya been to spain and makes it plain she s a lady. cathy c walks like me and is of from motown
    dig? happy new years etc

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  8. Eric says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay .

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  9. […] Source: Support Your Local library | Dawn Pisturino’s Blog […]

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  10. LAWET says:

    Happy new year

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  11. Hi Dawn, we love the library, although ours here in Springs, Johannesburg is massive, we haven’t had any new books. But my daughter is starting to love books, and going to the library is like an adventure for her. Dee

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  12. Michele Lee says:

    This is a wonderful post, Dawn! Both for its fitting acknowledgement and for your story. Sweet! I visited a library this week – it had been a while. I can’t imagine my childhood visits to the local library. My sanctuary!

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  13. […] Support Your Local library — Dawn Pisturino’s Blog […]

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  14. Jeff Cann says:

    As a library system CFO, I say thank you! You’re right. Libraries are thriving. While there are lees people in the branches, digital resources have soared.

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  15. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    I love libraries. Unfortunately, the only library in my city closed down at the beginning of the pandemic .

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  16. Discover and Explore says:

    Yes, there is lots of magic and wonder in a library.

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