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Chat GPT Photo and Poem

on March 10, 2023

(Photo generated by Chat GPT)

I’ve read so many things lately about Chat GPT, especially on Reddit, that I decided to try it. I entered the same words as before (in my previous post): “I want an image of a desert landscape at sunrise,” and this is what popped up. Not bad, but the photo looks flat to me.

Next, I requested a poem about a desert landscape at sunrise, and this is what it produced:


15:48 March 2, 2023

In the silence of the desert still,
As dawn begins to spill,
A hush comes over all the land,
As orange light takes its stand.

The sky, a canvas painted blue,
Is streaked with hues of pink and new,
The sun, a glowing ember bright,
Rises slowly into sight.

The sand falls soft beneath your feet,
As you walk with cautious beat,
The air is crisp, so clear and clean,
With a feeling so serene.

The cacti stand tall in their rows,
With arms stretched up like nature’s pose,
Their thorns, a warning to beware,
Against the creatures that roam there.


Not the best poem I’ve ever read, but also not the worst. To be computer literate, we should know about AI and how to use it since it’s becoming so prevalent. The more artificial the world becomes, however, the more I appreciate my fellow humans and their genuine living, breathing, thinking, and feeling creativity!

What are your thoughts?


Dawn Pisturino

March 10, 2023

Copyright 2023 Dawn Pisturino. All Rights Reserved.


55 responses to “Chat GPT Photo and Poem

  1. Timothy Price says:

    It’s interesting that poem equals rhyme to it.

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  2. Paula Light says:

    AI poetry has been improving, but it still isn’t good. I expect it will be soon. That doesn’t bother me as much as AI’s potential for fraud. I’ve read that criminals have already used it to mimic voices for cons 🙁

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  3. nolchafox says:

    I may need more coffee, but to me, that’s an awful poem. Awful. It reminds me of paying someone to write a paper for school, except the person is a thing. And the result is just as suspect. Thanks for writing about this!

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  4. utahan15 says:

    unto high desert

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  5. Easymalc says:

    It terrifies me because it can only get better at what it does

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  6. You’re right it’s not the best poem but certainly not the worst. That’s a bit scary that it’s AI! Maggie

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  7. Iowa Life says:

    I’ve seen a number of poems its created for other people, very competent. The pictures so far? Hideous. I mean they were alright for what they were, but not what I asked. I’ve heard a number of people say the impact of AI will be greater than the smart phone.

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    • That’s probably true because Big Tech has planned it all along and knows darn well that technology will displace humans more and more. Very scary times, and I see nothing but disaster in the future while the elites get richer and richer.

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      • Iowa Life says:

        “the future” as you say. A while back it occurred to me what today’s 17 yr old might experience in his old age 70 years from now. I find it very intriguing. That would be the year 2093. I suppose that’s like you or me trying to explain what 1965 was like to someone. It just seems like the world gets worse not better.

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      • And so much of it is being forced upon us! Yes, I do worry about my daughter in the future. I’m sure you worry about your grandkids.

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  8. Belladonna says:

    Hmmm, it’s pretty good but def prefer my human writers.

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  9. KK says:


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  10. My thoughts have been echoed. But AI & Deepfake afford unlimited access to persecutory avenues by malignant agencies. It has the potential to stymy the little credibility the justice system has left. With the pressure on alphabet soups to frame anyone right of Bernie as stochastic terrorists… I’ll bet we see a huge spike in politically expedient crime at voting junction times.

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  11. I agree on both counts..and this poem reminds me of one I wrote about Spring at 9 years old:) but….I think we should be aware and also..as you know I use Dale’s Midjourney Art a lot for my poems, but I have artist friends and will never try to compare. I wrote a poem called, Re-entry inspired by the painting you see. https://karimahoisan.com/2022/05/08/re-entry/ Yesterday for my birthday Jan Betts , the artist, gifted me the original..Can you imagine how blown away I was? If it were an AI print, I would have said “Oh nice.. Thank you” real art is Real Art:)

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    • Happy Birthday! I think if someone already has artistic talent, they can probably manipulate AI enough to create something spectacular. I do have a follower who is able to do that. But that is a reflection of an artistic soul. Yes, the poem and the artwork are both very nice! What a happy surprise!


  12. Michele Lee says:

    Your AI posts are intriguing. 🤔 I agree that the photo looks flat, especially the sky. Both the photo and poem lack a certain vibrancy.

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  13. Pretty darn good Dawn.. that’s what scares me! ❣️

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  14. Robert J Jr. says:

    Very interesting Dawn!

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  15. StonerGypsy says:

    Heard about it and have been forgoing the experience for the time being…
    But I thank you for this! 💚

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  16. Layla Todd says:

    I tried to write a poem with Chat GPT and could not get it to write anything that did not rhyme, which I found to be very interesting indeed . . .

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  17. It’s a far cry from what a bot would have written ten years ago, and that scares me a little. I mean I should marvel at technology and all, but I dunno. Maybe this AI thing has gone too far.

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  18. Very interesting to think of all the patterns in a poem and that your descriptive language can be manipulated to pull up new patterns of expression. Is this our next “culture”? Will our language centers in the brain be capable of so much more because of the speed to create or so much less human, speeding toward superficialities.


  19. Fat Geisha says:

    Marvellous what technology can do now, just beautiful.

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  20. balladeer says:

    It’s a reminder of how insincere a lot of articles around the web are if they have been written by AI.

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  21. Are we as species selling out our creative spirit?

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  22. Vimal Mohan says:

    chatGPT can also understand context, you could try giving it some keywords to use like the ones you would have personally used if you were to write it.
    Also try asking it to sound like a popular poet or writer

    The more inputs you give it, the better the results.

    It’s like telling an apprentice what you want

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