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The Healing Power of Music

on March 13, 2023

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The Healing Power of Music

by Dawn Pisturino

Both Aristotle and Plato commented on the healing power of music. But it was not until the 20th century that the idea of music therapy began to take hold.

Music therapists are trained healthcare professionals who utilize music to encourage wellness, healing, and a better quality of life. They work in psychiatric facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice programs, schools, and other organizations.

People with mental illness benefit from the influence that music has over mood and emotions. In the hospital setting, music has been used to reduce pain and suffering, relieve tension, and promote sleep.  Nursing homes employ music therapists to keep senior citizens active and socially involved. Music has been used in hospice programs to provide comfort, relaxation, and a better quality of life for people who are terminally ill. Music therapy is used in special learning programs at schools to improve communication and coordination skills.

Research has shown that music can improve depression and insomnia, reduce blood pressure, lower respiration and heart rates, and alleviate nausea caused by chemotherapy.

Children who take music lessons tend to have higher IQ scores and do better in school. In the home, music is a valuable tool for reducing stress, engaging in physical exercise, and creating a more positive environment. Employers have found that background music in the workplace can help reduce stress among employees.

Listening to the sounds of nature can also be therapeutic. Birds singing, waves crashing on the beach, a babbling brook, the wind blowing playfully through wind chimes, whale songs, the purring of a cat — these all have the power to soothe frazzled nerves and fill us with a sense of comfort and joy.

Dawn Pisturino

April 2, 2007; March 13, 2023

Copyright 2007-2023 Dawn Pisturino. All Rights Reserved.

Published in The Kingman Daily Miner, April 24, 2007.

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75 responses to “The Healing Power of Music

  1. I really love the post ,i have an example our indian (naatu naatu) song won oscar 2023 😊🙏 united the world again for friendship and love,thanks for beautiful post.

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  2. Timothy Price says:

    I use music as a therapy daily.

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  3. I have always thought of art, in its many manifestations, as being curative and helpful to our soul’s wellbeing. Art is in itself a form of therapy, as is music. Well written and very informative Dawn. All the best.

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  5. Margaret says:

    How true Dawn.
    A friend who died recently after suffering from dementia found music to be very comforting. It helped her remember so many things that had been important in her life.

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  6. great post Dawn, the power of music transcends. I use it a lot in my work and did a workshop with Christina Stevenson to use it in my work. She worked with Author Hull and Jerry Garcia came to some of those. google it if you have any interest. ❣️

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  7. Meelosmom says:

    Music and poetry both share the healing properties of their vibrations. My husband is a musician and our house has friendly vibes!

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  8. Love the marriage of your connection between music, just like poetry, and therapy. 🥰💖😘 Dawn, I simply love how you have tied these elements together, as I see these genres connecting so fluidly to give an intimate meaning. Yet, you do know it doesn’t take much for me to hear a beat and get to movin’ and groovin’ right? 🤣😜😂 Wishing you a FANtabulous evening and a spectacular week! Turn up the music…🥳🎶👯‍♀️🎵😍

    Liked by 6 people

    • Yes, you’ve definitely got the groove, Kym! Always so joyful and positive in your posts! Music has saved me so many times! Have a beautiful day, dear Kym!

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      • Oh I appreciate you Dawn. I have to agree with you too that music has saved me so many times. I remember as my first marriage ended and I was parking my car about to walk into the courthouse for my final divorce hearing, a song came on the radio about brushing yourself off from a failed relationship that hurt you and start looking up. I heard that song time and time again, but I think that was the elixir I needed to walk into that building and face my ex, then take my power back. So yes girlfriend, that is just one instance that music helped me to survive! Have a FANtabulous day girlfriend. 🥳🦋😍🥂🥰 Thank you for your encouragemnet!

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  9. StonerGypsy says:

    There’s this song I like it makes me giggle but it gets to the point of music is everything.. Music is my hot, hot sex by CSS “my music is where I’d like you to touch” lol it’s goofy but a nice beat.
    Great blog as always D! 🌻💚🌻

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  10. kvbclarke says:

    Beautiful post, Dawn. Music is so healing. It has been a constant in my life, even in the hardest of times. Thanks for making it clear why that is so!

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  11. utahan15 says:

    the savage beast
    and breast
    each day a test

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  12. Michele Lee says:

    Enjoyable read. 🎶 Thank you, Dawn. Music has always been an important part of my life, but I remember thinking during the pandemic… I don’t think I would survive this without music! I love how you ended with the best sounds of all – the sounds found in nature.

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  13. revruss1220 says:

    Amen! Music is to my soul as blood is to my body.

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  14. Layla Todd says:

    Loving the idea of music therapy, as listening to my favorite songs never fails to improve my mood and mindset! ❤

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  15. All so very true Dawn. Great post. And very important!

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  16. Nothing like music to soothe a troubled mind. I agree with every word Dawn.

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  17. Music therapy in one of the best!💗

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  18. Samara Jane says:

    As someone who is a student music therapist, I LOVED reading this! Thank you for sharing!!!

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  19. balladeer says:

    I know what you mean! It can be great!

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  20. kirkhsmith says:

    My cat loves it when I play acoustic guitar. Always settles in to listen.

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  21. Guitar K says:

    I love your post I teach guitar Lessons and I am a songwriter just getting familiar With this website deal. Nice to see a fellow music lover!!!!

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  23. Jeff Flesch says:

    Love this. It’s so true. Music is healing.

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  24. Belladonna says:

    Music can change a negative mood right around.

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  25. тнe77ѕɴĸ says:

    I love to listen to a variety of music genres. As someone who has over 20 years of experience with mental illness, I totally agree with its therapeutic effects. I could not be without it, and I love birds too!

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  26. Dave says:

    Amazing blog post Dawn! I am listening to alpha waves as I am reading your blog. Thank-you for sharing.

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  27. Kris says:

    Music is absolutely amazing. I am a Hospice nurse and every day I see how music can provide comfort. I personally have seen someone who is terminally restless become calm when the right music is played for them.

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  29. orededrum says:

    I loved your post ! I listen very much classical, almost all day long if possible. I really believe in the music healing effect.

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  31. I love this website

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  32. Can follow me on my blog

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