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Video: Ariel Pisturino Sings THELMA’S ARIA

Soprano Ariel Pisturino performing THELMA’S ARIA from Gamma Skupinsky’s opera, “The Gilgul,” at the West Hollywood Fiesta Hall Concert, August 20, 2011.
Watch it here!

Click HERE to view it on YouTube.

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Video: Ariel Pisturino sings MONA’S ARIOSO

Soprano Ariel Pisturino sings MONA’S ARIOSO from Gamma Skupinsky’s sci fi opera, “The Zone,” at West Hollywood’s Fiesta Hall Concert, August 20, 2011.
Watch it here!

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Video: Ariel Pisturino Performs Bach and Hindemith

Soprano Ariel Pisturino performing selections by Bach and Hindemith in her Lenten Recital on March 20, 2013 at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Glendale, California. Watch it here!

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Singing Versace


My daughter, lyric soprano Ariel Pisturino, was one of a few lucky singers who participated in a flash mob at the grand opening of the new Versace boutique in the Beverly Center Mall in Beverly Hills.

The singers had to dress and act like shoppers in the store. On cue, they began singing a well-known chorus from the opera “La Traviata.” They were given the red carpet treatment, the customers loved them, and Versace loved them. At the end of the evening, they received special gifts of cologne and perfume.

Ariel sang a couple of solo parts and got a lot of fine compliments. This was such a thrilling experience for her (and she got paid.) I hope she gets more gigs like this one!

And I hope the video ends up on YouTube so I can watch it.

This is my daughter’s website:  http://www.arielpisturino.com

Ariel Pisturino, lyric soprano

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